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Talking about mental health on social media

This is why we rarely talk about mental health on social media {Heather's Handmade Life}

I’ve been having some bad days, and this is why you didn’t hear about them. I’m writing this post because I put a lamp in the kitchen. It looks terrible and doesn’t fit in, but I needed to be able to turn off all… Continue Reading “Talking about mental health on social media”

Finances on a Friday

Our daughter cried when we told her we wouldn’t be able to go to PEI this summer. It hadn’t even been on our radar, but apparently it had been on her little barely-five-year-old mind. She looks at our photo books constantly and loves seeing… Continue Reading “Finances on a Friday”

I’m Canadian and I’m scared

We played Barbies together on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t tell her about the election specifically. She’s only four and a half and it isn’t even our country, so I wasn’t sure she’d understand. Instead, I made my Barbie announce she’d been elected president of… Continue Reading “I’m Canadian and I’m scared”

A tale (tail) of two pups

Thank you for the kind words after our exciting announcement last week. Annabelle should be coming home with us on or around August 27, and we’re so, so, so excited. But there’s a bit of a backstory here. A painful one, actually, and it… Continue Reading “A tale (tail) of two pups”

The year I lost myself to postpartum depression

I didn’t admit I had postpartum depression until long after it was over. After our daughter was born, I was consumed with guilt that I felt anything other than joyous. After all, I finally had the baby girl I’d always wanted — ruffles, headbands,… Continue Reading “The year I lost myself to postpartum depression”