Finances on a Friday

Our daughter cried when we told her we wouldn’t be able to go to PEI this summer.

It hadn’t even been on our radar, but apparently it had been on her little barely-five-year-old mind. She looks at our photo books constantly and loves seeing the happy pictures of vacations past.

She must have been looking at the book from a couple of summers ago, when we went on our one-and-only family vacation to PEI for three (or was it four?) nights of camping by the ocean.

She cried when she brought up PEI and I had to tell her it wasn’t happening.

She cried, and so did I.

Right there in the accountant’s parking lot.


Nope, this isn’t the light “Happy Friday” post that so many bloggers reserve for the TGIF-iest of days.

Talking about money is hard.

Harder than it should be.

Harder than it NEEDS to be.


We have been struggling lately because of Reasons and those Reasons were the yucky beyond-our-control kind of Reasons.

(Those are the worst, aren’t they?)

Financial worries have ruined a lot of days for us, mainly me, lately. I have had dark, terrible days when it seems like nothing will ever be OK again. I have let the worry consume me.

We are not out of the woods yet, but today we made some decisions that have me feeling a little lighter inside. 

I’m grateful for the caring professionals who have helped us figure things out. I’m also grateful to have a partner who is equally determined and disciplined (mostly, unless the dream of a truck is involved) when it comes to Being Responsible With Money.


Money is hard, but in the end it really is JUST MONEY. 

You’re likely never going to be an ideal financial situation, or maybe you are, but it will kill you slowly if you let it fog up your mind.

Sometimes you pay things you don’t want to pay, but it’s for the best.

You take money from an account you really don’t want to take it from, but it’s for the best.

It’s all digital “money” organized into different digital folders in your online banking profile, and just because it doesn’t look the way you envisioned it doesn’t mean it’s “wrong.”

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and realize you are — as difficult as it feels — on the right path, and that it’s just going to take MORE time and MORE discipline to get where you need to be.


So what do you think?

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