Category: Hard times

What not to say about Kate Spade

I didn’t want to write about suicide on my son’s eighth birthday. But then, I didn’t want to hear what I’ve been hearing, either. Kate Spade took her own life yesterday, and it seemed like everyone was talking about it. Suicide brings out the… Continue Reading “What not to say about Kate Spade”

Knock knock me over

I’m done with this week. Or really, I should say “this week is done with me.” It won. It beat me. I give up. Someone I love passed away, far too young, and we say good-bye to her on Tuesday. It was only the… Continue Reading “Knock knock me over”

When your antidepressants backfire

The decision to start taking antidepressants is huge (it shouldn’t be, but that’s a rant for another day) so it’s kind of funny that the decision to CHANGE your meds routine is sometimes even more monumental. Like, didn’t you already take the big step?… Continue Reading “When your antidepressants backfire”