The mom who hated Christmas

The mom who hated Christmas ... and how she fixed that. {Heather's Handmade Life}
Every mom in the neighbourhood liked Christmas a lot . . .
But one mom — the one with the scowl — she did NOT!
This mom disliked Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
(Perhaps therapy would one day uncover the reason).
It could be her leggings weren’t pulled on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that her undies were tight.

But I think that the source of her holiday blues
Stemmed from her oversized lists of to-dos!

Whatever the reason that made this mom sour,
She sighed at her desk and made lists by the hour.

Staring at her computer with a cranky-faced frown,
She felt like the surliest mommy in town.

For she knew all the mothers (and some daddies, too)
Were shopping and prepping and entertaining, too.

“Now they’re decorating their CABINETS?!” she snarled with a sneer.
“I’m tired of this holiday and it’s not even here.”

Then she rolled her eyes and grumbled and made some fresh tea.
“Why does everyone love Christmas? Everyone except ME?”

She thought of the wrapping that had yet to be done
The baking, the cleaning, the errands to run!

With dread she then thought of the shopping mall crowd
The line-ups, the waitings — never again, she had vowed!

She found herself uttering the stalest of all holiday lies:
“Pretty good! Just a few little things left to buy!”

The mall! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise!
Noise! Noise! Noise!
That’s one thing she hated! The NOISE!

The more the mom thought of this whole Christmas mess,
The more the mom felt her throat squeezing with stress.

“The commercialism! The spending!” she swiped at a tear.
“I’ll just tune it out and wait until January is here.”

The mom thought she’d been quiet about her holiday distaste
Until her daughter spoke up, with an innocent face.

She stared up at her mom and wiped away cookie crumbs.
“How come YOU’RE not happy when Christmastime comes?”

But you know, that old mom was so smart and so slick,
She thought up a lie, and she thought it up quick!
“Of course I like Christmas,” she fibbed ever so sweetly.
“I’m just tired! This work has consumed me completely!”

Then she got an idea! An awesome idea!

“I know just what to do!” The mom felt quite impressed.
“I’ll just do what I feel like! I’ll skip ALL OF THE REST!”

She bought the kids’ presents and stuffed all the socks.
She bought for too many adults (and tried not to balk).

She baked only the favourites and not one recipe more!
(After all, that’s what Superstore’s bakery’s for.)

She wrapped with leftover paper that she’d had for years
No need to rush out for new stuff (and wind up in tears).

She played MiniPops Christmas because it made her feel happy
She steered clear of carols that were dreary or sappy.

She snuggled her kids on the couch — in her lap,
And she thought about the holiday’s unnecessary crap.
“So Christmas,” she thought, “needn’t feel like a chore.”
“Christmas doesn’t HAVE to be about more, more, more!”

And what happened then? Well, in her town, they say,
That the mom’s Christmas stress nearly faded away!
She ate store-bought goodies and lounged with her littles.
They watched movies with popcorn and red-and-green Skittles.

The mom no longer felt pressured to throw the best Christmas party.
She spent time with friends. They pigged out and laughed hearty!
She ignored piles of wrapping paper and the pine needle tree mess.
She relaxed with her family and knew she was blessed.
The mom who hated Christmas ... and how she fixed that. {Heather's Handmade Life}
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