Our kitchen makeover … on TV!

Remember waaaaay back in August, when I spent my 37th birthday filming an episode of a TV show? Well, it finally aired on Wednesday night!

I first appeared on a fun DIY show called “Eyes for the Job” back in 2018, helping to turn a dresser into a bench.

Then I was back the following fall to film an episode where we turned an old farmhouse window into a cool coffee table.

Both of those episodes mostly took place in Chris Judge’s Dartmouth workshop,

When I spoke to the show last spring about the idea of coming HERE — to our HOUSE! — I was super excited. I never thought I’d be shooting a TV show in the middle of a pandemic, but the crew was so careful and took every precaution.

I couldn’t share much about the shoot back then, except to say it was a kitchen project (I think — can’t remember much in these Covid times). Now I can finally share how everything turned out, plus you can watch the whole episode online, if you’re so inclined.

Heather Laura Clarke wearing a painting apron and sunglasses, posing in front of a camera operator during a TV shoot.
Sweating in the August sun, staining wood!
Hiding upstairs, waiting for the big reveal!
The big finale — installing gorgeous new floating shelves!
Staining in the sun (#sweltering)
New lights! SO many new lights!
Another new light — we built this one ourselves. Plus a new “window” mirror we built! Ooh, and peep the new patio door (which wasn’t part of the shoot, but happened around the same time).
See? this was the BEFORE.
… and this was the cool “during.”
Our new kitchen!
My new baking shelves give me allllll the heart eyes!

SO NICE, right???

I promise I’ll be sharing more about these projects soon. Heck, you’d think I was somebody who used to write about DIY projects every week, or something. 😉

So what do you think?

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