Epic laundry room makeover

Thanks to Kent Building Supplies for providing us with the laundry cabinet for this room makeover. As always, all opinions and bumpy drywall jobs are my own.

We gained an entire room in our house without building an addition (or kicking out one of our children). Seriously — I now spend time, every single day, in a brand-new room that never existed before.

Well, it technically existed, but it was not a room. It was a tiny cement hovel with an oil tank, a bunch of pipes, a washer and dryer, a deep-freeze and all of the garbage in the world.

Old speakers, boxes that needed to be broken down, beach coolers, sports equipment, half-finished DIY projects, random cans of paint, cleaning supplies — you name it, it was in that pit.

Yes, it was really this bad. No, we couldn’t really use the door.

We attempted to clean it a few times a year, but only when it got so full that I had trouble wading through the junk to do laundry. Most of the time, we’d open the door and toss — garbage bags, recycling bags, random household items that didn’t have a home — and not care where it landed.

After getting my own power tools for my birthday last summer, I’d been doing all of my woodworking and DIYing in the kids’ carpeted playroom. Not ideal. There was always sawdust everywhere, and I was getting tired of snipping paint drips out of the carpet — even when I used a dropcloth!

One morning, back in the winter (Jan. 29 to be exact), I cleared a space on the deep-freeze and sat in that depressing little utility room — notebook and pen in hand. I looked past the heaps of garbage, the unfinished walls and the overall hideousness. I started to make lists and sketch out what the room could become if I was willing to do a lot of work.

So over the past few months, I’ve been picking away at the room — little by little — to transform it from a disgusting utility room to a fresh laundry room/DIY studio.

I started by taking everything out of the room and heaping it into the adjacent playroom. Then I took down all of the haphazard shelving we’d installed over the years until the walls were bare.

Some walls were partially drywalled but not taped or mudded, and other walls had nothing but studs. I bought a couple of drywall sheets — along with a massive pail of dust-control joint compound and a roll of drywall tape — and started my drywalling adventure …


We painted the cement floor “Naples Bay” 6149-42 by SICO
How difficult was it to paint the floor? More details coming this week!

Yup, you can paint your oil tank! More details to come!
How badly did our laundry sink need to be replaced?!

Gorgeous 24″ Espresso Laundry Cabinet donated from Kent

Can you even BELIEVE this before-and-after comparison?


I call this “the pretty wall.” Much prettier than extra 2L pop bottles and junk, right?


I painted the doors SICO’s Egg Yolk 6093-54 in SICO’s Evolution ultra-scrubbable interior latex paint


Hand-braided rug from Wayfair (bought on sale for $69.99)

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home, to hear exactly how much the makeover cost and what it involved … 

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