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Epic laundry room makeover

Thanks to Kent Building Supplies for providing us with the laundry cabinet for this room makeover. As always, all opinions and bumpy drywall jobs are my own. We gained an entire room in our house without building an addition (or kicking out one of… Continue Reading “Epic laundry room makeover”

How to replace a light fixture

For the five years we’ve lived here, several of the light switches haven’t worked. In our daughter’s room, for example, we had to tie a long strip of tulle to the chain on her ceiling fan so she could turn her light on and… Continue Reading “How to replace a light fixture”

Replacing your kitchen sink and faucet … all by yourself

When our kitchen faucet started leaking beyond repair, it was clear we needed to buy a new one. But if we were going to replace the faucet, it made sense to get rid of the perpetually grimy (not-so-stainless) stainless steel kitchen sink. We knew… Continue Reading “Replacing your kitchen sink and faucet … all by yourself”