No-sew Canadiana fabric art

The crushing U.S. election results — and the angst that’s continued ever since — have me feeling pretty grateful to be a Canadian these days. So I thought I’d experiment with making some true patriot love fabric art for our son’s bedroom.

I’d seen cute ideas on Pinterest where crafters pieced together maps of the U.S. using different fabric scraps and I wanted to do something similar. Lord knows I have a million bits and pieces of fabric I could have used, but I thought it would look a little cleaner if I settled on a few shades of the same colour — especially since we have far fewer provinces and territories than states.

I headed to Atlantic Fabrics for three different shades of green Kona cotton, since nobody beats Kona for a beautiful texture, and a deep blue to use as the background. I’d considered using reds and whites, but decided I wanted the art to sort of mimic a globe — green land, blue sea.

I added a canvas to my pile of goodies along with some iron-on adhesive and I was good to go. I was especially chuffed because I realized I wouldn’t have to pre-wash my fabric since I wasn’t going to be sewing it, and pre-washing gorgeous new fabric is torture when you’re eager to get started.

Once I was back at home, I Googled a silhouette map of Canada and printed it out in four pieces on regular 8.5×11 paper …

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