Sharing the local love

I am NOT a fan of Black Friday because crowds = awful. Seriously. That’s why I do most of my Christmas shopping back in October and avoid malls pretty much year-round.

(I had to run out yesterday for storage bins and I reeeeeally didn’t want to.)

Full disclosure: I did just make *one* Black Friday purchase today, and I spent exactly $50.16 to get the $50-and-it’s-free-shipping deal. I bought the clock radio I’d been planning to buy D (you can see the full run-down on what we’re getting the kids for Christmas here) and threw in a retro game of Twister for the whole family (from Santa) and four of those stocking-sized Skittles books (one for each of us) so I’m pretty proud of that total. 

So the kids are done, but I still have nearly every adult left on my list. I’ve saved them specifically because tomorrow my totally awesome town is celebrating “A Little More Local Love.” 

You get a passport and it’s stamped at every store or restaurant where you make a purchase, any time on Saturday. Then you get the chance to win $800 in gift cards! It is SUCH a genius idea to get people out supporting local businesses.

I also love The Local Traveler’s “The Local Wishlist,” which is a buy-local shopping guide for all things Nova Scotia: food, stocking stuffers, experiences, clothes, jewelry, home decor, EVERYTHING.

So what if you’re not in Truro … or not even in Nova Scotia?

Here are some friendly reminders of where YOU (yes, you) can finish up your holiday shopping …

  • Etsy shops! Support artisans in your own city/state/country or abroad. There are so many amazing gift ideas. 
  • Craft markets. They’re like Etsy stores but IRL, guys. Awesome stuff. 
  • Farmers’ markets. Lots of vendors have holiday deals on right now.
  • Locally-owned shops. Even spending $20 can mean a lot. These small business owners are so much more deserving of your shopping budget than a faceless big-box store.

Good luck finishing up your shopping, and I hope you do it locally!


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