DIY printed burlap throw pillows

I don’t normally do seasonal throw pillows for the living room, but I was smitten with all of the subtle autumn-themed ones I kept spotting on Pinterest. A mason jar pillow? I needed it! And, of course, I wasn’t paying $20 or $30 for one when burlap is CHEAP and so is paint.

I’d never sewed with burlap before so I was surprised by how many different varieties they stocked at my local Atlantic Fabrics (a.k.a. my second home). I picked one that had a tight weave and minimal stretch — better for a painting surface — and headed home to get started.

I cut four large squares of the burlap — two for pillow fronts and two for pillow backs — knowing I’d trim them down to size later. Then I scoured Pinterest and printed off two images I liked: a mason jar, and “Happy Fall, y’all.” (A large portion of the crafty projects on Pinterest originate in the land of sweet tea.)

Now, how was I going to get the images onto the burlap? There are tutorials online for printing directly on burlap or printing on wax paper and transferring the design to the burlap, but they sounded way too complicated …





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