The Great Ear-Piercing War

This isn’t a story about our four-year-old daughter begging for permission to have her ears pierced, working up the courage, or shrieking in the chair while a gun shot spikes of hot metal through her tender earlobes.

Nope — all of that went off without a peep.

This is a story about something much more dramatic: what happened AFTER her ears were pierced.

At first, it was a blissful afternoon. She was so proud of herself and her shining turquoise studs. I was smugly pleased she hadn’t flinched when the gun clicked or shed a single tear. For days and days, everyone we met got to (read: had to) admire her sparkly earrings and listen to my tale of her bravery. We even planned to get matching Mother/Daughter earrings once she was allowed to swap out the studs. How cute was that going to be?!

Then the first earring fell out. I got a panicked phone call from my husband and rushed home to chaos and tears. We couldn’t find the earring back so I grabbed one of mine and pleaded her to let me put the earring back in. After an hour of hysterics and bribes, she screamed and kicked while my husband held her in place and I popped the earring back in and clicked the back on.

“Oh,” she laughed weakly, embarrassed at her fussing. “That didn’t hurt at all!”


I wish I could say it never happened again, but it did …

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