The crazy-quilt gallery wall

You guys know I LOVE a good gallery wall. I have a bunch in the house and they’re kind of my jam. Typically, my gallery walls use frames that are all the same colour (white or black) with two to three inches of spacing between each item. It’s a formula I know and love.

But this week I’m showing you a different kind . . . and it’s a lot crazier!








It all started with a 45-inch wide space between two doors in our basement. It’s pretty much a wall of nothing but doors — my office, the bathroom and the laundry room — and it was really bland. I couldn’t hang one large item there because of a light switch and a thermostat smack in the middle (except, weirdly, not in any kind of alignment with each other).

It was a segment of wall that most sane homeowners would probably leave blank. Ahem.

Over the past couple of years I used the spot to hang our DIY ruler growth chart (one of the very first projects featured in My Handmade Home) and a couple of small canvases. It felt awkward but I didn’t think I could do much about it.

A couple of months ago I decided to go all in with this 45-inch chunk of wall. ALL IN. I was going to fill every single inch between the doors and make the craziest gallery wall in the history of gallery walls.

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

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