Rapunzel is the new Beyonce

The following is sponsored conversation with Put Me In The Story. All opinions and crumb-covered tabletops, as always, are my own. 


We are Disney princess fans in a big way. Not just our four-year-old — ALL OF US. (I suppose my husband is more of a passive fan, so … OK, definitely THREE OF US.) These kids cut their teeth on my dusty old Disney VHS tapes because I couldn’t wait to stop watching Treehouse start watching the good stuff.

So when Put Me In The Story asked if we wanted to review their latest book, and it was ALL ABOUT DISNEY PRINCESSES OMGGGG I think you know what we said!

Let’s start with the dedication page, because that’s always a perfect excuse to be mushy …

What I love about these custom books is that they take a grand total of three minutes to order — start to finish. Punch in your kid’s name, upload a photo or two, weep over your dedication and BAM. You’re done.

What really sold me about this book is that it’s not a sappy “she went into the garden to play fetch with her kitten” namby-pamby Disney Princess book. (We have those. The kids like them. I do not.) It’s a REAL book that talks about — spoiler alert — actual character traits that we want little girls and little boys to have!

Rapunzel is so bad-ass in this picture. I can’t even.


Mulan is one of our favourites — especially our son’s, since he loves all things ninja/warrior. Sadly, she’s often left out of “Disney Princess” branded items, but she’s got a prime role in this book! Yaaaaaaas, Mulan! #gogirl

Each page includes a question for your child to answer. C LOVED this part. She kept blushing and whispering her answers — unusual for her, as she’s a, um, bold type of kid. It was adorable!

I’m not normally a huge Cinderella fan, since it was made in Disney’s era of the princesses being a little … helpless … but optimism is certainly a good trait for Cinderella. God knows she went through hell. 
The last page is the sweetest, of course, since it stars my kid! (Your kid, naturally, in your book.)

Charlotte LOVED being called “Princess Charlotte” throughout the whole book, both kids loved seeing their favourite characters, and I loved the positive messaging. Win, win, win.

Thanks to Put Me In The Story for sending us a copy! Pop over to their site if you’d like to order your own copy — I see it’s on sale right now, so go go go!

So what do you think?

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