My favourite shirt is the one I make myself

As you guys know, I got really into sewing while was counting down the days to motherhood. My friend L and I used to have Stitch-n-Bitch nights where we’d sew little quilt or tote bags, but we were often stuck for projects because WE DIDN’T HAVE BAYBEEEES YET.
Then suddenly we did, and we had no time to sew! 
Then I got very (very very) into sewing clothes for D (which were terrible and never fit properly). I improved slowly over time, and having a little girl shot my sewing skills into warp speed.
Today, I sew just about every item of clothing both kids wear — dresses, leggings, T-shirts, button-ups, long-sleeved shirts, pants, jammies, you name it.
It was Thanksgiving that I took the plunge and started doing a little “selfish sewing” (that’s what it’s called in the Super Official Sewing Community, I’m not just a martyr).
I tried the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee (not an affiliate link, I just love it) and I was hooked …
I made this one LITERALLY ON THANKSGIVING even though I was hosting, so that’s how easy it is. I did a size Large but found it too loose in the body and the arms.
This was my second attempt (size Medium this time and it was a much better fit).
Most recent LDT in Medium.
You cut out two arms, one shirt front, one shirt back, and one neckband — that’s it. Five scraps of fabric come together to make a super comfortable, flattering shirt. I still don’t quite believe it myself.
Bottom line: it’s very freeing to be able to customize a top to exactly your proportions. You can increase the bust area if you’ve been blessed (I have not), increase the flare over your hips, make the sleeves skinnier or roomier.
The pattern is only $4 right now (FOUR DOLLARS, SERIOUSLY) and it includes sizes XS to XXXL. You can make a tunic length or a top length (I’ve always done top length because the tunic length is not kind to a generous behind).

I love, love, love this pattern and highly recommend it. Four dollars can make you a lifetime’s worth of shirts …

… especially when you practically live at the fabric store anyway, amiright?

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