Sniffing my life away

Seasonal allergies or a fall cold? Who knows? Who cares?

I have hardcore “seasonal” allergies that require me to take allergy meds ever day of the damn year, but sometimes the symptoms get worse than ever. Sneeze City, population: me.

Ew, this makes me glad I don’t work in a real office anymore.

Ragweed kicked my booty for all of August, it seemed, and now I’m going through another Horrible Allergy Phase, like I do every fall.

What am I even allergic to? Well, I haven’t been tested since I was a kid — which is something I should remedy, considering I write for the most kick-butt allergy, asthma, and eczema site on the web — but … dust, dog and cat dander (almost typed “danger”), any basically every form of outdoorsy plant, grass, flower? Pretty boring, as allergies go.

Of course, we suspect D has a cold — BUT WE ARE ALSO KIND OF BLAMING ALLERGIES, TOO, BECAUSE WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE? — so maybe I am just sick, on top of my usual allergies?

Perhaps this would be a good day to take DayQuil on top of my regular allergy medication? (So not recommended) Probably not, because then my head gets fuzzy and my articles are like dskhfksjfhdsfhjksdhksf.

I think I am just blogging at the moment because I am SO VERY VERY ANNOYED at my running nose and itchy eyes. They make it difficult to work without sniffing, difficult to concentrate, difficult to stare at the computer monitors with pathetic, itchy, watery, squinty eyes.

Is there a hashtag for this? #journalistswithallergies or #selfemployedallergyprobs?

/end rant

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