Makeup for Mamas

When someone tells me they only wear makeup on special occasions, I kind of cock my head like a dog. Huh? What? You mean NOT EVERYDAY?
It’s not that I think they NEED to wear it everyday (uh, necessarily), but it’s just a foreign concept to me to NOT wear it everyday. It’s not about covering yourself up. It’s about enhancing what you have.
I worked as a cosmetician in high school and university (Shopper’s Drug Mart, hollaaaaa at me) and I loved it. I loved playing with makeup. I loved buying makeup. I spent far too much money on makeup. But it was good, because I also learned a LOT about makeup — and more importantly, proper skincare.
Today, as a mom of two who works from home, I could get off “not wearing makeup” (see? I even had to put it in quotes because the idea is SO RIDICULOUS) because I have little kids, I don’t see colleagues, blah blah blah.
But I wear it every day. 
Without fail. 
I recently watched a makeup tutorial video done by Jordan (the Fun Cheap or Free Queen), and I loved it, but I don’t have a video put together just yet! (Her process is way more involved than mine). 
Without further ado, here are my four steps to a five-minute face. Actually, I probably do it in about three minutes, but I adore Carmindy and think she’s the prettiest girl ever, so I’ll call it the five-minute mama face in her honour …
  1. Skin touch-ups
  2. Eyeliner and mascara
  3. Lip pencil and lipstick
  4. Blush
Andddd here’s the breakdown of what I use …
I start with this MAC Mineralize concealer. Couple of quick dabs under my eyes to attack the dark circles “dotted” on with a concealer brush, BOOM!
Then comes the powder to set the concealer, and generally just even out my skin a bit. I use this Covergirl one, because it’s inexpensive (and often on sale). DONE!
Next up is eyeliner. I’ve tried a lot of different black eyeliners, and this is my fave (it’s Little Sis’s fave, too, and she’s the one who introduced me to it). It’s Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner in a little pot, and you brush it on. You might think it’s hard to do, but it’s soooo easy — way easier than using a pencil. It’s awesome. GO!
Mascara is next. I know some people are picky about mascara, but I couldn’t care less what kind I buy. I *usually* buy Maybelline, because they really are the Queen of Mascaras, but it’s all about what’s on sale — again, usually Maybelline. When I need a new mascara, I go to the sale signs, grab the Blackest Black one in waterproof, and that’s it. Right now I’m using The Falsies by Maybelline, and it’s great.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I always buy waterproof because of my darn allergies — and my emotional tears! — because I’m so over those black panda crying eyes.

Lip pencil comes next. Yes, it sounds kind of old-ladyish, but I need it. My lips have no natural colour, so I need to colour them in with a pencil — Soar by MAC — to give them a boost. Otherwise my lipstick will wear off too quickly, and I’m left with blah pale lips again.
Then we move on to a quick swipe of lipstick. I have a big collection and I switch them around sometimes, but right now I’m loving MAC’s Plumful and Sweetie. With my colouring, I look best in raspberry shades, so that’s always what I keep in mind when I’m choosing a new one. When you think “raspberry,” it keeps you from choosing something that’s too red, too purple, or too pink — it’s just raspberry!

This is the final step. I may skimp on mascara and buy whatever’s on sale, but I loveeeee this blush — Orgasm by NARS — and there isn’t a cheaper substitute. It’s a healthy-looking pinky colour that makes my pale face look almost human.


See? That wasn’t the huge makeup routine you were probably envisioning when I told you how nutty I am for makeup! No foundation, no eye shadow, no real effort. Just hints of colour (lips and cheeks) darkness (eyes) and evening out my skin.

Do you wear makeup every day? Do you feel TOTALLY WRONG without it? Or am I just a crazy girl with an obsession with blush?


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