Five quick ideas

Happy Monday, guys!
I’ve been sitting on a ton of blog photos lately (those JPEGs are pointy, ow!) because I haven’t had the time to write up the posts to go with them, so I thought I would give up on the wordiness (you’re welcome) and just try to get them out there … you know, before the internet fades with old age.
So here you are — five easy little ideas/projects I’ve done recently that you might want to try …
1. Make a beer cake
Our lovely next-door neighbours just had their second child (a baby boy), and I had bought a chic nursing cover for my friend, as well as a cute skull tee for the baby (I can never resist skulls), and a Big Sister present, of course. So I asked Darling Husband what he thought a second-time dad would like, and he immediately said “Beer.” Inspired by the popular diaper cakes, I taped a bunch of beer cans together, added a few scrapbook paper flairs, and we had a beer cake just for Dad!

2. Make veggie skewers

D is funny about vegetables — sometimes he loves them, sometimes it’s a battle. I was amazed when Darling Husband got the idea to make these cute little skewers about a month ago. D positively GOBBLED them down, while we watched in awe. We’ve done this trick since then, and it doesn’t always work, but it seems to have pretty good results.

3. Organize puzzles in plastic containers

D loves doing puzzles, but I quickly got tired of the ratty boxes (which would sometimes “eat” pieces because they would get stuck under a flap). So I bought some containers at the local Dollarama (LOVE Dollar Stores, love ’em) and got to work snipping out a little “preview” to tape on the top, as well as a larger “preview” to tape on the inside of the lid. Works like a charm!

4. Make BabyLegs from old socks

I bought these socks a couple of years ago, and they were one of my fave pairs. Hot, hot pink with grey stripes — and KNEE-LENGTH at that? Amazing. (Don’t worry, I only wore them under pants). I didn’t want to part with them when the toes wore out, so I cut off the feet to make BabyLegs for C. She’s already worn them a few times, and they’re awesome!

5. Make a laundry bag and a plastic bag dispenser from old T-shirts

We have a set of hooks just inside our basement door (off the kitchen), and I used to hang a grocery bag there for all of my “kitchen laundry” — dish towels, dish cloths, bibs, baby washcloths. I also had another grocery bag there to hold — wait for it — empty grocery bags. It looked pretty crappy. So I grabbed some old T-shirts one Sunday during naptime, and threw together a laundry bag and a tube-like bag dispenser. (I still use a plastic bag INSIDE the laundry bag, so that I don’t have to wash the laundry bag) I’m not crazy with how the appliqued letters turned out — stupid stretchy T-shirt fabric — and now that the basement is painted, I may make a different set, but it’s still a big improvement from plain old grocery bags.

Little projects are sometimes the most satisfying, because you can do them quickly and start appreciating the results right away — don’t you think?


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