Countdown to 1

My baby girl is going to be turning ONE in just over a week (a week tomorrow, to be exact).

And …

… I’m kind of freaking out about it …

For several reasons:

  • She won’t be “a baby” anymore. I’m so used to thinking of little C as my babbbbbyyyy. But at the age of one, she’ll technically be a toddler. But D is the toddler?!?! Nope, he’ll turn three in June, and then he’ll technically be a preschooler. So I guess I’ll have TWO toddlers for about six weeks? Well, that sounds … terrifying?
  • She seems so YOUNG. She isn’t walking yet, which seems bizarre compared to his running-at-nine-months milestone. She’s taken a couple of steps, but only a few times, and doesn’t seem to be able to really hold herself up on those teensy tiny little feet. This in itself makes her seem impossibly young. Although looking back, I think we almost treated D like he was older than he really was, simply BECAUSE he was running around and looked older. For example, we took him to a science center on his first birthday and let him eat an entire Happy Meal, and with C, neither will be happening.
  • But she also seems so grown-up. She is talking a bit, which is a HUGE change from her formerly-hearing-impaired big brother. He barely said anything until he was over two. She says “Mama” (sounds more like “Baba”), “Dada,” “Dahhh-er” (her attempt at D’s name), “Bay-bee,” and “Dahhh” (which means “Thank you.”
  • The time has gone by far too quickly … Having two kids makes things feel like a blur. (Well, sometimes. There are also lots of times when time seems to stand still, and you have to stick your head in the freezer and sneak cookie dough just to keep yourself from screaming/sobbing “JUST STOP CRYING AND WHINING! BOTH OF YOUUUU!”) This past year has been the absolute best year of my life, but also the fastest — and most insane.
  • … and it’s continuing to fly by. When I look at C’s crib, I start thinking about when it will be turned into a toddler bed. D was in a bed at 18 months — does that mean she only has six more months in a crib? How much longer will we use her booster high chair? I’m trying not to think ahead, but I can’t help but feel panicky at how quickly it’s all happening.
I’m trying to be calm about it, and to focus on the plans for her birthday. We’re having a family dinner on her actual birthday (for about 20-odd family members) and a “friends” party that she’ll share with D (whose birthday is six weeks later) in May.
But I still can’t believe she’ll actually be one so soon. 
I think I’m in complete denial.
One is still LITTLE, right???

So what do you think?

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