A modern-day tale of loaves and fishes

You know the Bible story about the loaves and fishes? 
Well, I’ve found the equivilent in real life. It’s called Making Breadmaker Hamburger Buns and then Making A Bazillion Other Things With The Same Dough.
You’ve read about my Pinterest recipe fails, but this was a clear culinary victory!
When I put the kids down for naptime a few weeks ago, I reached into the deep freeze, grabbed the first baggie I felt, and hastily threw some frozen Sloppy Joe meat into the slowcooker. 
Then I realized I didn’t have any hamburger buns, so I nabbed the first recipe in the Google results, threw some ingredients into the breadmaker, and ran down to the basement to do my freelance assignments.
When I popped back upstairs to roll out the buns an hour and a half later, I realized I didn’t need that many buns — it wasn’t a huge baggie of meat — so I decided to make little mini pizzas with the rest. But there was still MORE DOUGH (MOARRRR), so I also “invented” tiny pizza bite thingys. It was glorious!
Let’s look back at my awesomeness … 
Homemade hamburger buns OMGGGGG
Sloppy Joes fit for a Queen!
Teeny tiny pizzas are a favourite around these parts


They were delicioussssss


I just put dough-balls into my mini-muffin pan, brushed them with melted butter, sprinkled them with garlic powder and parm, and let them work their magic!

Heavenly little pizza bites, hot from the oven!
We ate these dipped into leftover pizza sauce. Little D went nuts over them!

One breadmaker dough recipe = three delicious dinner options!

I have to say, I get a LOT of use out of my breadmaker — and we almost never, ever use it for bread. Ours is this one — the Black and Decker All-in-One — and it makes the bread kind of strange-shaped. It doesn’t fit into our toaster, anyway.

But it’s awesome for making cinnamon buns, pizza dough (our recipe makes THREE huge pizzas), hamburger buns, rolls, demented bunny/cat buns, and any other carb-y deliciousness you could want. (And yes, Lindsey, you really should buy one! I know you’re reading this and thinking about it again!)

The breadmaker? Yeah, I’ve got it mastered.

But that’s about the height of my culinary talents at this point!

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