Live More With Less: Week 7 (Basement)

I can’t believe this is the final week of Imperfect’s Live More With Less: 7 Weeks to a Clean and Decluttered Home challenge. 
So far during the seven weeks of Lent, I’ve organized:
I was really, really hoping to have our basement totally finished for this post, but — alas — it’s not quite there yet. We are all sick with colds, and progress has been on the slow side.
However, I still have some basement organization to show you — even though it’s not the full basement reveal just yet. 
Here’s some utility room organizing that I did about a month ago …
Here’s our creepy utility room’s “before” shot. I could never find ANYTHING in there!

So I bought a hanging shoe rack (thank you, Pinterest), hung it on the back of the door, and got to work organizing all of the essentials that I could never find (duct tape, zip ties, measuring tapes, etc.)

It kind of makes my heart sing! (Bonus: Darling Husband grudgingly admitted it was a lot easier to find things!)

Darling Husband is kind of bad for tossing things into drawers/buckets/bags/containers and not caring if things get mixed up. As we all know, that gives me major anxiety. So I helped him out! Tee hee.

Can I just tell you how GOOD IT FELT to know exactly where the tape-dispenser was? And be able to use it, put it back, and know I’d be able to find it again someday? Seriously, GOOD FEELINGS ALL AROUND.

I also made labels for our large totes (which sit on shelves Darling Husband installed). NOTE: Some of these items (holiday decor) have since been relocated to our newly-organized master closet.

I literally used to guess which bin held the paintbrushes, and yank it down (hoping I wasn’t accidentally grabbing the heavy bin of computer parts), because I kept meaning to make labels. I’m glad I finally got around to it!

Darling Husband bought this handy little screw? nail? organizer at Canadian Tire, and did a great job putting away all of the itty-bitties. I couldn’t help myself and made labels for the two large drawers, since those were items I might go looking for at some point.

Now to the main part of the basement. Here’s the “before” — we reused our old entertainment centre to make a “toy wall,” as I described here.
It was very functional, but a bit *heavy* on the eyes …
Ah, labeled perfection ..

On the other side of the room, things were Dullsville. It was supposed to be our “adult” side of the room, but there was absolutely zero prettiness or interest.

These shelves drove me nuts, because they were unpainted and TOO CROWDED.

So Darling Husband and I got to work! It’s not quite ready to reveal yet, but here’s a little teaser of what we have going on in the basement now …

Hints: chalkboard paint, emerald green (Pantone’s colour of the year for 2013), and an old IKEA shelving system my mom graciously donated to the cause. 


Thanks for stopping by to check out my basement organization, and I hope you also go see all of the other ideas Emily and co. will be uploading at Imperfect.

Thanks again to Emily for hosting this challenge. I’ve loved organizing all of the problem spaces in my home, and it’s really changed the way I feel about purging and living with less “stuff.”

Happy Organizing!

4 Comments on “Live More With Less: Week 7 (Basement)

  1. I think I need you to come to Colorado and help me with toy storage! This is awesome, Heather! Thanks so much for joining up with me in this! Loved having you along for the ride.


  2. Love the basement organization! Looks amazing. I also took it upon myself to have have S organize all his “stuff” instead of just jamming it in a drawer and he too admitted it was easier to find things. Sadly he still doesn't always put it back in the right spot which is super annoying!!!

    Loved all your organizational reveals. So inspirational!


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