Live More With Less: Week 6 (Bathrooms)

Confession time, guys! This was definitely my least productive week so far in Emily’s Live More With Less: 7 Weeks to a Clean and Decluttered Home, One Room at a Time challenge over at Imperfect.

But I guess it’s like how people who go on runs are lapping everybody on the couch (me). Organizing something is better than organizing nothing (or making more of a mess), right?

So far during the challenge, I’ve organized:

How come this week’s results are so lackluster? Well, because I’m cheating (!) and also working on the family room in the basement, which is technically next week’s project. And that final challenge is a biggie, because it’s a full makeover that involves painting the entire basement (and stairwell), painting a ton of frames, making art, sewing pillows, etc.

I’m still not sure if the room will be 100% finished by next Wednesday, but here’s hoping. The utility room will be looking good, at least, and who doesn’t like looking at photos of organized duct tape and zip ties?

So this week, I was scheduled to clean and organize my bathrooms. But I cut corners and only focused on the one people see (the powder room), which also happens to be the only decorated bathroom thus far. Remember my adventures in painting chevrons in a single evening?

So here’s how I did a little under-the-sink organization in our pretty powder room …

I heart chevrons (and Pinterest-inspired paintings)

My little lovies

Here’s what the powder room cabinet looked like “before.” It was a mess of extra liquid soaps (for all of the bathrooms), medical supplies, medicine, nail polish and removers, and who knows what else?

Ah, nice and empty.

I bought a bunch of $1.50 containers from Dollarama, and played around to see how they fit. This photo actually relaxes me. It’s just so … perfect. Unfortunately, the layout wouldn’t work, because it didn’t fit my nail polish trunk.

Ta-da! Here’s how it looked once I got everything into place. God bless label-makers.

I put all of the Band-Aids and “little” first aid items in the first aid kit (what a novel idea, Heather! Tell me more!) and only the big stuff (tape rolls, large bandages) is in the large plastic container. 

I used to store the different medicines in large ziplock bags, according to category, but they were messy-looking. Now we have one box for “Stomach/Pain Relief,” one for “Cold/Allergy,” and one for “Heat/Cold Packs.” It’s the darn hot water bottle that used to always junk up this cupboard, flopping all over the place, so I’m glad it has a contained home now!

The big silver trunk contains all of my nail polish (yeah, I have a lot — but how often do I have time to use it these days?), and the pink case holds all of my nail polish removers, files, etc. The small black makeup case is for hiding those essential monthly girly products that, uh, you don’t exactly want your guests to see!
The kids’ medicine is stored in this bin — the whole cabinet has a childproof lock on it, so no worries — and the little blue basket contains extra TP. All of the liquid soap refills are now stored in the kitchen cabinet, as you saw last week when I tackled the kitchen/main floor.

Isn’t she a thing of beauty?

Thanks again to Emily for hosting this organization challenge! Make sure to check out what she and everyone else have organized this week over on Imperfect.

Happy organizing!


P.S. In the interest of bathroom fairness, I’ll show you our other two bathrooms (even though they didn’t get the star treatment this week). But just know that they’re both in “move-in” condition — we’ve done nothing except hang one photo (in the basement bathroom), and make a piece of dental-themed homemade art (for the upstairs bathroom).

Both of the bathrooms are painted nice neutral colours, so I decided to leave them for the last rooms of the house to decorate. I’m basically waiting to be inspired. Any thoughts on what I should do?

One Comment on “Live More With Less: Week 6 (Bathrooms)

  1. Our under sink cabinets are totally unfunctional, I'm jealous of yours. And I love your chevron wall and the pictures in the yellow frames – SO cute! Thanks for joining me in this, you've been inspirational!


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