How to make a custom key rack

In yesterday’s post, I showed you my pride and joy new front hall closet/mudroom, and one of the items I made for it was a custom key rack.
The thing is, Darling Husband and I don’t hang our actual everyday key rings there! His are always in his pocket (or in his dish ontop of the microwave), and mine live in my purse (since I rarely drive, I’d probably forget them if they weren’t in there permanently). But we DID need a spot for other keys, so I decided to make something cute for them.
It was a SUPER-easy project, and I like how it pulls together all of the colours. It’s very cheerful to look at when you open the doors.
Here’s how I made it …
I bought a 12×12 canvas (half-price at Michaels thanks to a coupon), one sheet of cute scrapbook paper, and a package of Command hooks
Even though the 12×12 paper SHOULD HAVE fit perfectly on the canvas — who understands math? — it didn’t. So I trimmed the edges so make it fit nicely on top.

I used Mod Podge to stick the paper to the canvas. It freaked me out by bubbling a bit, though (eeeeeeek) so if I was doing it again, I would probably just glue it down.

Once the paper was dried (well, drying — I’m impatient) I hot-glued the hooks on. If I had used the Command sticky-stuff, it would have been visible. I also painted a little wooden “C” that I had in my craft stash.
While I was watching for paint, glue, and Mod Podge to dry (a triple-whammy!) I decided to paint the keys with nail polish. I’d seen the idea on Pinterest, and it worked SO well. Now I’m going to paint every key I get my paws on!
Here’s the finished project, hanging in our hall closet. Isn’t she gorgeous?


I painted our extra housekeys blue to match our front door, and our shed key green (you know, green = gardens, grass, etc.)

 So that’s my quick-and-easy key rack! Thanks for stopping by!


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