What I Ate Wednesday: Weight Watchers Beef Nachos

In the spirit of What I Ate Wednesday, I’m sharing one of our family’s favourite Weight Watchers recipes: yummy beef nachos!
The recipe makes six servings, and it’s 5 Points a serving. You can see the full recipe online, so hopefully I’m not headed for Weight Watchers Copyright Infringement Jail by sharing it here with you guys …
Brown 1/2 pound of lean ground beef (ours was frozen, so we added water to the pan)

Cut up tomatoes (this isn’t part of the recipe, but remember veggie are FREE so use them as much as you want)

Cut up some peppers, too. What the heck! FREE!

Mix 2 tsp. chili powder, 1 tsp. cumin, 1/2 tsp. salt, and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

I also (SECRETLY) chopped up some fresh mushrooms to sneak inside. If you know Darling Husband, DO NOT TELL HIM. He will never trust me again. (But he never noticed, so I won)

This looks like a weird shot, doesn’t it? But portion control is a HUGE part of what makes Weight Watchers work, so if the recipe says something is six portions, I like to divide it into six portions right away. It keeps us from eating more than we should, and it gives us ready-made servings to use at another meal.

Once you drain the ground beef, throw in your spices and veggies. I also throw in some salsa, because ZERO POINTS, BABY! Throw in as much salsa as you want! LIVE! (Oh, right, and cook for a few more minutes)

Here are our six servings of taco meat (Two-year-old D will eat half a serving for lunch, and half for dinner)

Mmmm, meaty-veggie goodness

Now, the recipe actually calls for you to dip low-fat torilla chips into a meat/cheese mixture, but we prefer making actual nachos. It feels more junky that way, you know? So I count out each serving of chips (I use the nutritional info on the back of the bag to dictate the serving size). Two plates for Darling Husband and I (our lunch), and two baggies for us to have for dinner (he’ll be working). The little plate is for D, so it’s not a full serving of chips. The remaining meat will be saved for another day.

Sprinkle cheese over top the chips. I used 1/3 cup of reduced fat TexMex, which is three points. The recipe only calls for spreading 1/2 cup among all SIX servings, and I’m not down with that.

Melt the cheese in the microwave (or the oven, if you’re fancy-pantsy)

Spread your portion of meat/veggie mixture on top. Enjoy with as much FREE salsa as you want, or a bit of light sour cream (1 Point for two tablespoons).

2 Comments on “What I Ate Wednesday: Weight Watchers Beef Nachos

  1. This is one of my favourite recipes that you've made too!

    P.S. Mushrooms, you?! Are you realizing how delicious they are?


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