Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 37

Week 37 (April 8-14)

Symptoms: Back pain is still a bitch. Heartburn is actually getting a little worse, even with four pills a day, so the baby definitely hasn’t dropped. Ankle swelling is still very minimal, luckily.

Body changes: None, except possibly that my stomach is even bigger than ever. And pointy!

Baby movement: Still doubling over from the force of kicks, and groaning a lot. At my last appointment, they told me the baby’s head was down, her back was up, and her butt/legs/feet were the objects I’m always feeling against my right side. Parts of this kid jut out SO MUCH that I’m always feeling them up, trying to tell what’s what. I wonder if she is 10 lbs?

Cravings: Cheeseburgersssssssss.

Aversions: Salads? But how it that different than any other day …?

High point: Reaching full-term status! Woohoo! Oh, and getting to see Darling Husband’s family on Easter. We haven’t seen a lot of them in ages, now that we’re Country Mice, so it was great to see everyone and watch the toddler have a blast with his cousins.

Low point: Exhaustion and weariness over taking care of the toddler by myself, almost 24/7 due to Darling Husband’s horrible work schedule. I’m tired of coercing him up and down the stairs, and begging him to do things so I don’t have to carry him. I still maintain that having children close together is a good idea, BUT! BUT! BUT! Now I’m seeing that it is REALLY HARD to be pregnant when your first child is still one year old.

How does this week compare to Week 37 during pregnancy #1? Oops, I suppose we should install the carseat like we did at this point last time. I also seemed to be getting a lot more done last time, but that’s because I was already on maternity leave (I’m still freelancing until the end of this week), anddddddd because I didn’t have a toddler. I wish past-me would come into the future and help present-me.

One Comment on “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 37

  1. I like how you put 'Darling Husband' even when it sounds like you're a bit irritated with him, helps balance out all the heavy late term symptoms. And a “Past me to help the present me?” How about 5! future me's that already know what to do and the best way to do it? LOL


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