Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 31

Week 31

(Feb. 25 through March 2)

Symptoms: Heartburn — I’m taking the max of four pills per day now, and it’s manageable — thank God. Shortness of breath (huff puff huff puff). Back pain! It feels like a baseball jammed right in the centre of my back — not low at all, like I think I had last time?

Body changes: My stomach is still really low-looking. Sometimes it feels like a big hanging gut, except it’s super-hard. This has been one of those weeks where I feel a lot bigger, very suddenly. Oh, and this has been happening for a while now, but I must have chosen to block it out — the Road Map boobs, and the Dark Saucer boobs. Hawt, right? Nothing makes a pregnant woman feel better about herself than changing into PJs in front of her husband and having him go, “Woah! They’re getting really dark!” Uh, thanks. Asshole.

Baby movement: Getting a lot more uncomfortable. Baby Girl seems to pummel me the most in the evenings, during my one-hour window of “me” time after the Toddler of Terror is in bed, and I go to bed. So yeah, there’s a lot of “Ow!” going on while I watch TV. Maybe she doesn’t like my taste in programming? Four Weddings, anyone?

Cravings: Cheerios with milk. Rice Krispies with milk. Tea biscuittttttts!

Aversions: Chicken

High point: The very lovely L threw me an amazing baby shower last Sunday, with friends from my junior high and high school days (Best Friend and J), university days (A), and worky-work days (A & A), and of course the girls from our book club, The Litwits. It was so much fun, and Baby Girl scored some amazing prezzies. Huge thanks and much love to L!

Low point: Catching a brutal cough/cold from the toddler (I blame the toddler swim class!), and struggling to speak without hacking up a lung. I haven’t had a cough in forever (childhood, maybe?), so I had forgotten how much they suck. I also don’t get sick very often, so I had forgotten how much I HATE to feel helpless and have to slow down.

How does this week compare to Week 31 during pregnancy #1? Very similar! Apparently I was sick at the exact same point, was dropping things all the time (YES!), and I felt especially enormous all of a sudden.

Baby preparation: Nursery is done (hope you guys liked the photos). A cupcake theme was something I had wanted even back before I was pregnant with Baby Boy, so it was really exciting to make it happen. This week I also washed and put away all the sweet little outfits from the baby shower, and attached some labels to storage baskets in the nursery. I feel like the baby could come at any point now, and I’d be ready — at least in terms of stuff!

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