Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 26

Week 26 
(Jan. 21 through Jan. 27) 

Symptoms: Legs are aching every night, and I’ve now had to take two heartburn pills daily. The heartburn even starts in the morning some days!

Body changes: Still continuing to hear that I look smaller this time around, which is nice. I’m at that stage where all my maternity clothes fit really well — nothing is too big or too small yet.

Belly button: It looks like a Loonie stuck just slightly below the surface.

Baby movement: Couple of big pows this week! And more shifty-turny moves. Sometimes I look down and see her move so my stomach sticks out in different ways. Oh, and Darling Husband actually felt some kicks this week (usually he is not around when she’s really active).

Cravings: Rice Krispies with milk (finished the family-sized box). Mmmmmmm!

Aversions: Nothing really, but I also haven’t felt like eating a lot. Normal things just seem kind of gross sometimes. I remember at the end of my first pregnancy, I was just eating cereal and crackers with peanut butter and things like that.

High point: Took the toddler to the pool in our new town, and we enjoyed a mom-and-tot swim. He was very timid (not a big water fan — neither am I), but eventually warmed up and enjoyed himself. I enjoyed wearing my maternity suit for the first time (black tankini) but did not enjoy wondering if my bikini line was properly shaved.

Low point: Trying to get work done when I’m feeling exhausted!

How does this week compare to Week 26 during pregnancy #1? Symptoms sound right on target. It appears I was singing to the baby a lot at this point in my last pregnancy, and I must admit, I have yet to sing to this baby — or even really talk to her. Am I just busier? Or not as obsessed with nonstop pregnancy thoughts? I feel kind of bad. Must start talking to stomach.

Baby preparation: Continued to harrass Darling Husband to paint the hand-me-down dresser. Worked on some art projects for the nursery walls. Sorted and labeled a crap-ton of baby clothes my mom bought us at the local used clothing store — AWESOME stuff, seriously (some with tags on it). I’m getting to the point where I just want the nursery furniture to be done, so I can start organizing/putting away the actual STUFF. Nesting = a sickness.

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