Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 27

Week 27 
(Jan. 28 through Feb. 3) 

Symptoms: Heartburn continues to be evil. I’m taking a pill with lunch and a pill with dinner, and the mornings are brutal. Might have to ask Dr. L about moving to three soon. This baby had better have a glorious head of hair!

Body changes: I can pinpoint the exact part in pregnancy when you go from feeling “small-compared-to-last-time” to feeling “enormous.” It is Week 27.

Baby movement: I saw a lot more contortion of my stomach, as Baby Girl twisted and moved around. Also some very, very strong kicks!

Cravings: Rice Krispies with milk (I’m almost done my SECOND family-sized box) as a bedtime snack. My new breakfast of choice is buttered toast topped with mashed-up hard-boiled egg and a bit of melted cheese (eaten with a fork). It sounds gross, but it’s delicious.

Aversions: Sometimes chicken makes me feel icky. Big meals in general are just a NO. I like eating small amounts more often.

High point: Had a great time coming into “the city” last Saturday/Sunday for a party, book club, and shopping with Best Friend. But I was so tired by Sunday evening that I didn’t know how I’d make it until bedtime. Energy is goooooooooooooing.

Low point: Financial worries. Staying at home with the toddler and freelancing = no maternity leave for me this time around. I know it’s been worth it, without a doubt, but … I still wish I was getting a maternity leave!

How does this week compare to Week 27 during pregnancy #1? Symptoms sound right on target, except I have *not* had any swelling so far this pregnancy (KNOCK ON EVERY WOOD SURFACE RIGHT NOW, DAMNIT). Swelling was a huge source of discomfort and annoyance last time, so I’m relieved I haven’t had any (yet), but don’t expect it will stay away for long.

Baby preparation: Darling Husband finished painting the hand-me-down dresser, and it’s looking fab in the nursery. Artwork is finished (except for another item I haven’t started yet). All baby clothes are washed and in the drawers/hung in the closet. It’s been a huge relief to get this done. The whole room should be finished by the end of Week 29, I expect.

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