On teeth and scrapbooking …

My little boy has 12 teeth.

I think the last time I blogged about his teeth, he had, like, four. Everything is moving too quickly, and I’m constantly feeling like he is growing up WAY too fast — and I’m doing a crap job of documenting it. I try to soak up every minute and remember it, but I’m worried I’m not remembering it clearly enough. That I’m too busy to even blog about what he’s doing, and it will just … get lost.

The scrapbooks stop at 10 months.

He has been getting really into those books, lately. Taking them off the shelves of the family room, opening them up and pointing to pictures of himself. I love that we can read them like a storybook, and I can read little tabs that say exactly how old he was, what he was doing. Those books captured him as he was. It makes me determined to find the time to get back to scrapbooking.

I can’t believe he has 12 teeth.
He’s 18 months old — a year and a half.

He gets himself drinks of water from the cooler. When he spills, I pass him a dishtowel and he cleans it up.

He uses forks and spoons and NAPKINS! I saw him trying to wipe peanut butter off his pants the other day.

I want to remember everything about every stage in his life, but it never feels like I’m doing enough. I don’t want to forget anything. I don’t want to look back on this age and just have fuzzy, tired memories and not enough documented ones — blog or scrapbooked or otherwise.

I want to remember it all, and to be able to show him how amazing he has always been.

4 Comments on “On teeth and scrapbooking …

  1. I get caught up in the “undocumented neurotic motherhood guilt” stuff too…then I challenge myself to stay in the moment and maybe only take 500 pictures that day 😉


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