Here come the symptoms …

Originally written on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011
Four weeks, three days pregnant

Um, woah. Pregnancy symptoms have set in EARLY, guys. This is what I’ve been experiencing for the past WEEK!

  • Nausea with a capital N. Last time around, I didn’t start feeling sick until five weeks. This time? I felt have so sick on a daily basis from BEFORE the three-week mark. I never would have tested at the 3wk3day mark unless I was pretty positive, and I was. There was no way I felt THAT nauseated and wasn’t knocked up.
  • Pregnancy brain is also back with a veangeance. I am constantly saying the wrong thing (I’d probably type the wrong thing, too, if I wasn’t such an editor by trade) and forgetting words. I’m forgetting things. I’m going to the wrong cupboards. I’m DUMB AGAIN, GUYS!
  • I have actually had heartburn a couple of times already! I never get heartburn when I’m not preggo, but I still wasn’t expecting it quite this early. I’m holding off on getting a prescription for Ranitidine at this point, but that’s really because I, uh, forgot to ask the doctor for one. See above.
  • I’m alll puffy/bloated with that annoying pants-cutting-into-me feeling. If last time is any indication, I seem to just be the chick who has major bloating in the beginning, and then it transitions into actual baby belly.
  • My dog nose has returned. I almost throw up when I open my mom’s dishwasher and there are dirty cat dishes inside. The stench is repulsive! It’s actually commercial canned cat food, but OMIGOD does it stink like rotting fish!

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