Two times the fun?

Originally written on Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Four weeks, four days pregnant

I had my first doctor’s appointment (with my GP) on Monday.

I was pretty surprised that he didn’t do a pee test, but he said if I’d already done one, there was no need. Hmm. OK. Of course, that always adds to my what-if-I’m-really-NOT-pregnant? worries.

He gave me the forms to send me for bloodwork (which I did yesterday). Then he asked me a few questions and said he would get the referal to Dr. L arranged. Remember Dr. L? She is only the most amazing, fantastic, stylish, kind OB on the planet! I’m excited to see her again — maybe around the 11-week mark, which is when I saw her for the first time before.

And THEN …

We talked about when I took the test (at three weeks, three days) and got a positive. His face looked kind of surprised, and he said …

“Wow, it might be twins!”


Of course, I am all putting-the-cart-before-the-horse and EEEK-wouldn’t-twins-be-cool!?!? Darling Husband is, predictably, trying not to think about the idea. He keeps joking he would need a third job, but … that may not be a joke.

I’m not sure when we’ll find anything out — like HOW MANY OF THEM ARE IN THERE and stuff — but it *could* be through the bloodwork results. Apparently if there is an elevated level of hCG in the blood, it can indicate twins — and then I’d get an early ultrasound, etc. But when I had my bloodwork done yesterday, the woman* didn’t even know if he’d checked off qualitative or something.


* Get this — it was the SAME blood-taker that asked “Are you keeping it?”**
** This time around, she said, “So I assume you’re keeping it?”***
*** *#$%@##!!! Of course I’m keeping it!

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