Five things about sleep

  1. Almost every morning, I drag myself out of bed and am so absolutely exhausted that I swear I’ll go back to bed during the baby’s nap …
  2. … but I only go back to bed during his nap about once a month. (Once I’m up, it’s hard to wind down again.)
  3. I actually forget how to set out alarm clock, because it’s been so long since I’ve needed to use it
  4. The baby’s cries often infiltrate my dreams, which means it takes me longer to actually recognize he’s crying and, like, go into his room
  5. I should invent a bookmark that beeps every time I turn a page, and says, “Put down the book! He’ll be awake all too soon! Sleep, you stupid woman!”

5 Comments on “Five things about sleep

  1. hi.

    Valeria is here. I saw your twitter post – where did you buy your “new” bumGenius diaper?

    about sleep – so true! the story of my life. My daughter is napping, and what I am doing? internet… arrrrgggg – silly mama!


  2. Hi Valeria,

    I bought the new bumGenius diaper at an independent baby store called The Royal Diaperer (located here in Halifax). I was surprised to see that they carried the Tiny Socialite collection, as I figured those prints would only be available online. So excited to find them in person!


  3. Oh so cool!

    I emailed a store here in Vienna where we bought our bumGenius and she (the owner) had no idea there was a 4.0 edition… By the time “the new style” will come to Europe my daughter will be potty trained!

    I miss North America 🙂


  4. well, hmmmm…I would have to order it from a store in the USA/Canada and pay for international shipping.

    There are only three stores in Austria that sell bumGenius. There is an Austrian/European brand of cloth diapers that is very popular (popolini), but I don't like their products as much.

    I guess the short answer is no 🙂

    that's ok! i am sure we will survive -heheheh


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