Five things about shopping … when you’re nine months pregnant

Saturday, May 8, 2010

35 weeks, 6 days pregnant
  1. A mall you have been visiting your entire life is suddenly HUGE, and walking around it on your swollen ankles/feet/legs feels like you are scaling Mount Everest with broken glass in your shoes
  2. Most of the escalators will be shut off for “service,” because walking up and down them is definitely more fun for a preggo chick
  3. All of the benches are hogged by old people, and they all think they are more entitled to the benches then your extremely pregnant self
  4. You will be forced to squeeze onto a bench between two old people, because EFF! I NEED TO SIT DOWN NOWWWW!
  5. You realize that short trips are probably best, until the baby is in a stroller … not your pelvis

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