The trouble with sleeping

See this pregnant woman, smiling and sleeping? She’s a liar! She’s totally faking it.
No pregnant woman smiles while they sleep, because it is NOT COMFORTABLE!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

35 weeks, 6 days pregnant
I have realized, over the last few weeks of discomfort and sleeping problems, that “sleeping in” and “feeling rested” are no longer the same thing. In fact, doing the first one means that I will not experience the second one.
As anyone who has been pregnant knows, it takes a while to get situated for bed. Pillows need to be arranged, pillows need to be untangled from sheets, pillows need to be adjusted once you’re lying down. Oh, and then you realize you need a sip of water. And some lip balm. Just when you get comfortable, you have to pee. FML.
And then comes the actual sleeping. When I sleep too long on my left side — a.k.a. Sleep on this side only or you are a bad, bad preggo! — I get sore. The weight of my body crushes my left side, and makes the whole thing ache.
Then I switch to my right side (Boo! Hiss! Bad, bag preggo!) and lay like that for a while … until that side gets too sore.
Then I am left with two sore sides. The stomach is out, obviously. So I roll onto my back for a minute (Ahhhh!) and silently curse the fact that you are not supposed to sleep on your back while preggo — crushes a huge vein or something disgusting like that.
And then I’m back to square one — the (still-sore) left side.
The pregnancy pillows — both the wedge and the boomerangdo help. But nothing takes away the ache that comes with trying to get a giant, misshapen body comfortable.
I had an especially bad sleep on Thursday night, so I showed up for my last day of work looking like ass. I had succumbed to the discomfort at 5:15 a.m., and got up at that point. I could have easily went back to sleep a few hours later, once the ache wore off, but I was at work by that point.
A perfect example of how I can (hopefully) get more rest now that maternity leave officially begins on Monday! Sleep as much as I can. Get up until my body stops aching. Go back to sleep. I suppose it will be good preparation for weird sleeping habits once Baby Boy arrives!
29 DAYS TO GOOOOOOO! Eeek, eeek, eeek!

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