Diapers, diapers everywhere

Thursday, April 8, 2010

31 weeks, 4 days pregnant

Back when I first began my pilgrimage into the land of cloth diapers, I knew — with a lot of certainty — that I wanted to be a BumGenius household.

Dearest Amalah only made me feel more confident in my decision, and before I knew it, I made my first purchase:

Original purchase:

  • 1 BumGenius one-size pocket diaper (“Twilight”)
  • 1 BumGenius one-size pocket diaper (“Grasshopper”)
  • 1 BumGenius one-size pocket diaper (“Butternut”)
  • 5 Kushies reusable diapers (various prints)
I bought these eight as a package deal, and was really after the BumGenius ones — the Kushies were kind of an extra. I don’t have high hopes for the Kushies, because seem cheap-looking, but I figure they will be good “extras” to have on hand.

Before my baby shower, I registered for 15 BumGenius diapers (in various colours) from a local baby boutique. I was reeeeeally hoping to get all of them, since (if we didn’t) it was something we’d need to buy ourselves. I got a grand total of …

Cloth diapers received at the baby shower:

  • 1 BumGenius one-size pocket diaper (“Twilight”)

I still had my heart set on buying 10-12 more BumGenius diapers, so I started scouring the internet. I knew I wanted to buy them from a Canadian site that offered free shipping, and ended up making a purchase from
ParentingByNature.com. You get a break on the price if you buy 12 or more BumGenius, and I’m a sucker for a sale.

The one complaint I’ve read (repeatedly) about the classic BumGenius diapers is the velcro — even people who love these diapers admit that the velcro does get a bit cruddy after lots of washings. But the new organic Bum Genius have snaps instead of velcro, so I think they could be the best of both worlds. I bought …

The big purchase (from ParentingByNature.com):

  • 3 BumGenius one-size pocket diapers (“Moonbeam”)
  • 3 BumGenius one-size pocket diapers (“Ribbit”)
  • 2 BumGenius one-size pocket diapers (“Clementine”)
  • 4 BumGenius one-size pocket diapers (“White”)
So after buying eight diapers, receiving one as a present, and then rounding out the collection with 12 more, I feel ready! Check out my gorgeous little collection …

I officially own at least one of every colour BumGenius makes, with the exception of their two pink shades. I figure that if we have a girl someday, I will round out the collection with some pinks, and be all set.

I also bought a package of Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soda, which is one of the types recommended for washing cloth diapers. I had my heart set on Charlie’s Soap, but it wasn’t available on the same site as the diapers, and I didn’t want to make two separate orders. I figure I’ll give Nellie’s a whirl, and buy Charlie’s down the road.

Is it wrong that I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY excited for my package of 12 diapers and soap to arrive? I got it shipped to the office, so it should be here tomorrow or Monday, hopefully.

Like, really really really excited. I actually dreamed last night of where I’m going to organize them in the nursery. Quelle life!

3 Comments on “Diapers, diapers everywhere

  1. Yay for cloth diapers! We used Swaddlebees which were great. If you are looking for a baby wash we used little soap bits called “Baby Bits” that you could put in your wash bottle. All natural and with some cloths made great wipes. Not sure where we got them, online somewhere…

    Our biggest challenge with cloth diapers was getting the washing right so that there was no ammonia left. A vinegar rinse is really helpful.


  2. Ooh, thanks for the tips, girls! It's so nice to have support from online friends, since I have a lot of people in the “real world” who think I'm crazy for choosing cloth!


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