Dark tales from my closet

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today my dress would not zip up. WOULD NOT ZIP UP!
It was one of my favourite ones — a black-and-white empire waist with a pretty sash (not exactly as pictured).
Darling Husband struggled with the zipper for a good five minutes, but could not get it to zip over my new basoomas.
“But I love this dress!” I cried to him as I shoved it back in the closet. “I really thought I’d be able to wear it for a while! It has an empire waist!”

“But your boobs are bigger,” Darling Husband replied as he got dressed. I just snorted and stared into my closet. All his clothes still fit him!

In the end, he rushed me out the door, and I wound up being dressed like a total hobo:
  • Black leggings (because tights hurt my tummy now)
  • Stretchy black tank top (because stretchy is the law)
  • Loose black cotton skirt (because my tighter skirts cut into me now)
  • Fuchsia wrap top (fits boob/tummy areas)
  • Black flats (ahh, comfort)
  • Loose black cardigan (to complete the flappy, oversized hobo look)
Whose clothes stop fitting in their eighth week???

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