Wardrobe re-working

I was chatting with a woman in my office building this morning. She is pregnant, but wearing winter-ish clothes. She explained that she can’t fit into her summer things anymore.
And it got me thinking …
Exactly how many maternity outfits am I supposed to be buying? …
Since Darling Husband and I are on a budget, I want to try to wear my own clothes as long as humanly possible.
Of course, my inner consumer goddess is already shrieking at the idea of buying clothesclothesclothes!
So this is what I’m thinking I’ll need to buy:
  • BellaBand: This will help me be able to wear my existing pants — until my ass gets too big, at least.
  • Belly Leggings: I won’t fit into any of my current leggings or tights — which I wear a lot — so a pair of maternity leggings is essential.
  • A bigger bra: Woohoo for bigger boobs! Boo for not-so-cute styles.
  • A good pair of maternity jeans: Everyone needs jeans. And if I get a nice, dark pair, I will be able to wear them to work and to social events.
  • Fold-down yoga pants: A pregnant co-worker once told me a good pair can fit for your entire pregnancy.
  • A few long-sleeved maternity tees: I’m most likely going to be my pregnant-est in the winter/early spring, so I’ll need some basic tops. Long-sleeved to cover impending arm chub.
  • A pair (or two) of work pants: My current work trousers will only fit for so long!
And here’s what I already have that might work:
  • Fold-down skirts: I have a couple of stretchy, cotton-y fold-down skirts that I wear in the summer. I could easily gain in the stomach area and still wear them … for a while.
  • Loose dresses: I have some babydoll-style dresses that have plenty of room in the belly-area.
  • Long tank tops: I’ve got a few, but will need to pick up more. Then I’ll be able to wear them underneath regular-length shirts, to stay covered.
  • Juicy Couture sweatpants: So I can channel Rebecca Eckler, who wore them throughout her entire pregnancy.
Now I just want to go shopping!

So what do you think?

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