The start of something new

Being back at work after our vacation has kind of overwhelmed me. Overwhelmed and depressed at the same time. And made me want to die of boredom.
But I’m feeling happier today. Because, you see, I have a secret.
No, not that kind of secret (yet).
I have ventured out of my 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (OK, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) comfort zone, and have begun dabbling.
Yes, dabbling. I have dipped a toe back into the freelance waters, and … well, the water’s the perfect temperature.
I went along for a couple of weeks, doing one extra gig. But suddenly other opportunities are popping up like toadstools — except, not slimey like toadstools.
I met with someone yesterday about the possibility of doing some super-creative freelance work — something that I love to do, and has only ever been a hobby before.
Part of me is worried about putting too much on my plate. But another — stronger — part of me is screaming to go for it, because the freelance gigs are for things I actually enjoy doing. And eventually (*fingers crossed*) these fun freelance gigs might turn into a truly creative career.
Darling Husband is ecstatic for me, because is a a big dreamer. Buying a lottery ticket, for him, is cause for an afternoon’s worth of dreaming and plotting where every dollar would go. He wants me to have a career that I really, really love — like he loves Job B.
I can’t match his level of enthusiasm just yet. I am partly excited, and partly guilty about going behind my company’s back to do other work.
For now, I’m just going to keep treading cautiously — finding a balance between my “real” job and my “fun” freelancing. And I’m just going to see where it leads me …

2 Comments on “The start of something new

  1. Well mommy-to-be I think you have a great opportunity here. Isn't being a SAHM the dream? Imagine if you had enough freelance work on the side to supplement your income — best of both worlds!


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