The thing I never expected to love … and did?

I wrote the other day about how I tried to become a runner, succeeded at it for a while, and then promptly dropped it like it was hot (it was hot!).

So what did I replace it with?

Pretty much the last thing I EVER expected to be doing!

Let me start by saying that I originally knew absolutely NOTHING about Zumba, except:

  • You wore funny clothes, like baggy pants with lots of zippers and pockets
  • The clothes look annoying
  • People seem to get obsessed with it
  • I get annoyed when I see too much of it in my Facebook newsfeed
That doesn’t sound like someone who would ever try Zumba, does it?
But a friend started chatting about it at playgroup one day, saying it was really good exercise and lots of fun, too. My good friend had tried it a few times, too, and spoke very highly of it. I decided to try it with her, just for a class.
Wait, I’ll back up. I was nervous for the first class. I handed the instructor my $7, found a spot near the back, and waited for the music to start. I wasn’t wearing Zumba clothes like some of the other people. I had on black short leggings, a work-out top, and sneakers. I certainly didn’t have bells dangling around my waist like some of them. WHAT IS WITH THE BELLS, I kept thinking.
Then the first song started — and it was #Selfie (one of my current favourite silly songs to listen to while I’m sewing). All of the lights in the room were off, the windows were blacked out, and there were colourful lights flashing all over the place. It was like a nightclub (from what I remember about them). 
The instructor took the stage, and suddenly I was doing my best to follow her through the routine. I couldn’t stop smiling! It was the most awesome combination of dance-y moves and exercise moves, and that’s really the best description for Zumba. I was sweating and could feel my body working, but it was also as fun as dancing around my kitchen.

(If you’re curious, this is one of the actual routines from my class — it’s the only one I could find on YouTube that is identical to one we do).
The hour-long class was over too soon, and I’ve been going back ever since. I’m there once a week for sure, tonight I’m going for a second class since Monday. The instructor warned me that Zumba is addictive, and it really is. 
Official List of 10 Nerdy Reasons You Might Like Zumba (even if you’re sure you won’t):
  1. You feel like you’re one of Beyonce’s dancers, up on stage under the lights
  2. The funny Zumba clothes are optional — you can wear any workout clothes (but you will soon start to wonder if you actually like them and want them yourself … I think? Maybe?)
  3. It burns 500-800 calories in a single (hour-long) class
  4. You don’t care about how you look, because everyone is focusing on the instructor and no one is looking at you
  5. It’s almost like being a character on Glee, in one of those dance scenes
  6. People with zero natural dance talent (ME) rejoice in finally feeling in sync with other people
  7. It goes by so quickly that you can’t believe you’ve been exercising for a solid hour
  8. It gives you a joyful feeling — you’re happy the whole time you’re there, and you leave in a great mood
  9. It gets you out of your house and away from your family for over an hour (see above)
  10. You can’t stress or worry during the class, because you’re daaaaaaaaaancing
I don’t know if this is something that will hold my interest for months, years, or even just a few more weeks. But at this moment, I LOVE going to Zumba class — and if you’ve never tried it, I’d encourage you to try it.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some some funny-looking pants to purchase on Amazon … 

So what do you think?

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