Makeup table gets a makeover

As much as I love decorating living rooms and kitchens and even bathrooms, my favourite room to decorate is a child’s room — specifically a really girly room.

Pink is my favourite colour, I love glitter, and it’s so much fun to choose fabrics — florals, rainbows and sequins speak to me on a deep level.

So when a new client asked me to help her redecorate rooms for her two daughters, I was thrilled. I have plenty of projects to share with you, but for today I’ll focus on how I turned an old vanity into a charming new desk/makeup table for her eldest daughter, Lila.

Originally we’d talked about building a floating desk or buying a skinny one from Ikea, since Lila had been asking for a place to draw.

The “Before” photo

We figured out the perfect spot — replacing an American Girl wardrobe — but then a few days later the plan changed in the very best way.

Lila’s grandmother had an old vanity with a mirror and the most amazing curvy details, and she didn’t want it anymore. Could we use it for the room? Of course we could! She even had an old (unmatching) chair we could use with it.

Here’s what we were going to work with …

It was the ideal solution, since Lila’s younger sister was about to receive a pretty pink vanity for her birthday — and, well, you know how sibling jealousy can work.

I lugged the vanity home, being really careful not to break the mirror. I have a history of breaking mirrors and this one didn’t even belong to me …

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Make-up table gets a makeover {Heather's Handmade Life}
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