Category: Week 9

A day in the life

Thursday, October 29, 20098 weeks, 4 days pregnant My new life: 7 a.m. Wake up. 7:01 a.m. Roll over and feel supremely dizzy 7:02 a.m. Eat crackers or bread and drink juice, while getting ready for work 7:30 a.m. Walk to bus stop 9… Continue Reading “A day in the life”

Hungry hungry preggos

Thursday, October 28, 2009 8 weeks, 4 days pregnant Up until this week, I prided myself on not being a preggo chowhound. Up until this week, I was actually eating less than usual. You know, because I felt sick at the thought of …… Continue Reading “Hungry hungry preggos”

Eight-week appointment

Wednesday, October 28, 20098 weeks, 3 days pregnant I had my second doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and everything went great. It’s almost hard to believe I’ve known I was pregnant for more than four weeks now — in a lot of ways, it’s gone… Continue Reading “Eight-week appointment”

Home sweet lunch

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 8 WEEKS, 3 DAYS PREGNANT Item #8903 that I am looking forward to about maternity leave: eating lunch at home! It seems like it’s been decades — and really, it has, because on weekends I only eat brunch. I only… Continue Reading “Home sweet lunch”

Fresh air saved my life today

Tuesday, October 27, 20098 weeks, 2 days pregnant Two weeks ago, smoothies saved my life. Today it was fresh air’s turn! Darling Husband’s work schedule is totally messing with our routine is extremely frustrating has changed, which means he is no longer able to… Continue Reading “Fresh air saved my life today”