Dusty jeans + boots + deep-fried Oreos

Nearly three years ago, we moved from the city to the country in order to live a different kind of life.

We’re happy with that decision every day, but on the days we spend traipsing around a farm in dusty jeans and boots, we’re especially pleased. There is a special place our family goes every single fall, and it’s become our ultimate destination for fall family fun.

RiverBreeze Corn Maze is just five minutes from our new house, and you can usually find us there most weekends from mid-September until Halloween.

 Our kids call it “The Pumpkin Farm,” and one of the highlights is always clamouring up onto bales of hay and taking the bumpy ride out to the pumpkin patch. As the wagon creaks past the cornstalks, we hold the kids tightly on our laps and try to keep them from jumping over the sides. The tour guide tells the same punny corn jokes each year — “Be careful what you say, because the corn has ears!” — and each year, we laugh.

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