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Babies of the iPhone

Over the weekend, during the activities and dinners surrounding Best Friend’s wedding, I got to spend some time with her adorable nieces. These kids completely dazzled me — and everyone around them — for three reasons: They are always sweet and polite They are… Continue Reading “Babies of the iPhone”

Can you say ‘Matisse’?

Just floated back in from another excursion at my oh-so-favourite used bookshop. I’ve already bought numerous books for le bebe, but I should specify that I am very choosey in my selections. The store is crammed with books, but I know exactly which ones… Continue Reading “Can you say ‘Matisse’?”

Oh, the books we will read!

Ever since discovering the super-and-completely-amazing new used bookshop that is literally a 20-second walk from my office, I have been hooked. I bought some books for me, and then decided I should start stocking up on books for le bebe. I’m a voracious reader,… Continue Reading “Oh, the books we will read!”