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Love notes

My mom went on a lot of business trips when Little Sis and I were kids. We stayed at home with a live-in nanny, so while our day-to-day life didn’t change much, we still missed her a lot. Before she left for a trip,… Continue Reading “Love notes”

Babies of the iPhone

Over the weekend, during the activities and dinners surrounding Best Friend’s wedding, I got to spend some time with her adorable nieces. These kids completely dazzled me — and everyone around them — for three reasons: They are always sweet and polite They are… Continue Reading “Babies of the iPhone”

Can you say ‘Matisse’?

Just floated back in from another excursion at my oh-so-favourite used bookshop. I’ve already bought numerous books for le bebe, but I should specify that I am very choosey in my selections. The store is crammed with books, but I know exactly which ones… Continue Reading “Can you say ‘Matisse’?”

Oh, the books we will read!

Ever since discovering the super-and-completely-amazing new used bookshop that is literally a 20-second walk from my office, I have been hooked. I bought some books for me, and then decided I should start stocking up on books for le bebe. I’m a voracious reader,… Continue Reading “Oh, the books we will read!”

Daddies and daughters

One of my colleagues just stopped by my office to chat. He was telling me how his wife spent Friday night away, as a Mother’s Day treat, and he spent the weekend with his little daughter. He gushed — well, as much as men… Continue Reading “Daddies and daughters”