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Why I absolutely love, love, LOVE parent-teacher night

Me + my guy at Neptune Theatre for a little date I came prepared with my little list of questions and was the first one sitting on the chair outside the classroom door. My mom always said she loved going to parent-teacher night because it… Continue Reading “Why I absolutely love, love, LOVE parent-teacher night”

The best apps for kids and parents (at least, in my opinion)

My fingers are aching from a full day’s typey-typing at this Professional Writer Girl job, so I’m just stopping in quickly to share a piece that was published today. I’ve written about my favourite kids’ apps and tech gadgets before, so I was keen… Continue Reading “The best apps for kids and parents (at least, in my opinion)”

The DVD that keeps on giving

They should put huge stickers on the Baby Einstein DVDs that say: “Parents! Do you need 20 minutes to yourself? Need to get something done without a baby in your arms? BUY THIS!” God bless the good people at Baby Einstein. I don’t care… Continue Reading “The DVD that keeps on giving”

Dream cream

Friday, December 4, 2009 13 weeks, 5 days pregnant I do not want stretch marks. Like at all. I know they are mostly genetic — and woohoo, my mom didn’t have any while pregnant — but I still worry that I will get them,… Continue Reading “Dream cream”