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Easy fix for cracked leather stools

One of the greatest benefits of knowing how to sew is being able to repair things that would otherwise need to be thrown away and replaced. Often this means mending a hole in someone’s jacket or stitching up a rip in someone’s heirloom quilt,… Continue Reading “Easy fix for cracked leather stools”

DIY Harry Potter costumes

DIY Harry Potter costumes | DIY Quidditch broom craft | Hermione Granger costume | Rita Skeeter costume | {Heather's Handmade Life}

And so, after spending a year feeling guilty about dropping waaaaay too much money in the stupid Halloween store — and coming to the conclusion that DIY costumes aren’t always cheaper — I present to you … our sorta-bought, sorta-DIY Harry Potter costumes …… Continue Reading “DIY Harry Potter costumes”

FALL DECOR: Embroidery hoop wreath

FALL DECOR: Embroidery hoop wreath {Heather's Handmade Life}

As much as I love my sewing machine, I also like having hand-sewing projects to do while I’m watching TV. I go through periods of quilting — especially in the winter when it’s snuggly to be sitting underneath my “work” — or sometimes I’ll… Continue Reading “FALL DECOR: Embroidery hoop wreath”