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DIY patio cushion covers

DIY patio cushion covers {Heather's Handmade Life}

Longtime readers may remember that a few years back, I was complaining about wrestling patio cushions into submission on a sweaty summer’s day. Well, much like childbirth, I forgot the pain and agreed to do it all over again. Recovering patio cushions is a…

DIY crib bedding

DIY crib bedding {Heather's Handmade Life}

My friend is expecting her third baby, and we’re all so excited for her. She wanted a rustic, woodsy feel for the nursery to go with the rest of her farmhouse, and didn’t want to reuse the old brown and green bedding from her…

Canvas grocery bag hack

Canvas grocery bag hack {Heather's Handmade Life}

Yesterday’s post was all about how we packed our carry-on luggage, and today’s is about the kids’ “airplane activity bags” they also carried onboard (since each person is allowed two carry-ons). Instead of hefting around backpacks (which they would invariably load with way too…

The backwards fabric hack

If you find a paint swatch you like, look for a more greyed-out version and it’s probably going to be even nicer. Strangely enough, you can almost do the same thing with fabric, all by turning it over and using the other side! I…

Super easy quilt top for beginners

Whenever I share pictures of a quilt I’ve sewn, I hear a lot of “OMG I could never do that!” or questions about HOW I EVER LEARNED how to make quilts. They are a project that seems to baffle most people who have never…

Converting an awkward space to a cozy reading nook

Converting an awkward nook to a cozy reading space {Heather's Handmade Life}

Some of the split-level houses on our street share the same cool feature: a strange nook set into the walls of one of the bedrooms. I’ve noticed it in a few friends’ houses and I’m always intrigued by it. (Our house has a disappointing…

Modern rainbow baby quilt

Rainbow quilt with appliqued baby name {Heather's Handmade Life}

This bright and cheerful rainbow baby quilt is easy to sew and personalize with a name.

Making new living room curtains

I’m always telling people that curtains are easy. “Just buy some fabric, hem around the edges and slap it up with some curtain clips!” I’ll say casually. “It’s super quick, and much cheaper than buying ready-made curtains.” I’ve sewn curtains for every room in…

Sew a reversible circle skirt

A reversible skirt gives your child the fun of being able to change their outfit (without actually going through another outfit).

DIY chair pockets for classrooms

These sttretchy easy-to-sew chair pockets are perfect for Primary classrooms.

Easy-to-sew swim shirt + modest bathing suit

This project has been sponsored by Atlantic Fabrics’ six locations across Nova Scotia, including the newest store on Parkland Drive. All opinions and freezing-cold backyard photo shoots are my own. Somewhere between my own childhood and becoming a parent myself, everybody started putting their…

DIY bench cushions for built-ins

If we’re ever in a position to build our own house, I’ll be totally prepared. I have a Pinterest board loaded with “if-we-build-a-house” ideas and there’s a common theme: built-in everything. Follow this board on Pinterest Designing your own house is literally my idea…