From dresses and bows to T-shirts and ‘No’s’

“This is what I’m going to wear on the second day of school!” our eight-year-old daughter told me excitedly, spinning around in a pair of pink Old Navy acid-washed jeans and a pale blue top.

I asked her why that outfit was for the second day of school — not the first day — if she liked it so much. She replied “Well, I have to wear a dress on the first day, don’t I?”


Ever since her first day of preschool, at age three, our daughter has happily put on the handmade dresses and hair bows I’ve sewn for her. She’s enjoyed being a part of the process — choosing fabric, looking through new pattern options — and certainly reveled in the attention she gets from everyone who sees her in these custom outfits.

Her tastes changed as she got older, and I changed my patterns to accommodate that. Instead of cutesy cotton A-line dresses with sashes tied in big bows, she steered me towards longer, twirlier dresses made from stretch fabrics. I went along with it, just to keep sewing for her …

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