DIY Harry Potter quilt

DIY Harry Potter quilt {Heather's Handmade Life}

Ah, that feeling when you’ve spent $300 — and countless hours of your time — sewing your child a one-of-a-kind Harry Potter quilt … and they quickly toss it aside for the next Christmas gift. Ouch.

Let’s back up, though. I decided back in the fall that I wanted to sew a Harry Potter quilt for our nine-year-old son. He loves Harry Potter and he’s been using the same red-white-and-blue plaid bedding set since he was a year old, so it was certainly time for an upgrade.

I spent ages browsing online for different Harry Potter fabrics and ended up deciding on 12 different ones. Actually, 10 were official Harry Potter fabrics and two were just fabrics that coordinated: red bricks for Platform 9 3/4, and swirly dark clouds to represent Dementors. 

I like easy math, so I purchased a half-yard of each of the 12 fabrics.

Since a half-yard of fabric is 18” long and 44” wide, this would easily give me 24 quilt squares — two squares cut from each fabric.

After the fabric was washed and dried, I cut two 16” squares from each half-yard.

Then it was just a matter of deciding how to arrange all 24 squares.

I decided to make six 4×4 squares, each with two fabrics, trying to balance the lights and darks as much as possible.

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Yes, this DIY Harry Potter quilt was expensive to make, but it’s king-sized so it will grow with our son as he upgrades to bigger beds as he gets older. Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind handmade quilt made with love from his mom. Can that really compete with a Nintendo Switch? Well, let’s not ask him to choose. ;)

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

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