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Say hello to my little friends

I’m spending today (and tomorrow) at an Emergency Childcare class! I’m excited to learn Infant CPR and get a refresher on emergency care, choking etc. It’s been a long time since the babysitting course I took when I was 11, so I think this… Continue Reading “Say hello to my little friends”

When moms worry about choking …

You know my fear of choking? Specifically, Baby Boy choking? He has almost done it.And every time, I almost have a heart attack. Two weeks ago, he stuffed too many puffs in his mouth and started to sputter. He wasn’t actually choking, but it… Continue Reading “When moms worry about choking …”

Rice? Not so nice …

Two weeks ago, I was considering making my own baby cereal from brown rice. You know, ’cause the Duggars do it, and I heart them. But when I did the research (gotta love the internet), I learned that regular brown rice (a.k.a. the stuff… Continue Reading “Rice? Not so nice …”

The thing we’re too scared to talk about …

Yes, the time has come to blog about The Thing That Will Not Be Named. OK, fine, I’ll name it: SIDS. I’m tired of having it cause me so much worry, and yet not blog about it. SIDS has basically terrified me since I… Continue Reading “The thing we’re too scared to talk about …”

Hypochondria is hitting hard

I’m trying not to be paranoid … … but someone at my office has it. You know. It. And he is here. That is quite different from someone in the same city having it. He is right here. I am a hypochondriac in the… Continue Reading “Hypochondria is hitting hard”