Rice? Not so nice …

Two weeks ago, I was considering making my own baby cereal from brown rice. You know, ’cause the Duggars do it, and I heart them.

But when I did the research (gotta love the internet), I learned that regular brown rice (a.k.a. the stuff I have sitting in my cupboard) may contain traces of arsenic. Yikes and whoa and EW!

Apparently you are supposed to refrigerate the box of brown rice after opening, and I never knew that, so I immediately threw out my two open, who-knows-how-old boxes. I never really liked it anyway, and always opt for my delicious not-that-good-for-me white rice.

The rice you are supposed to use for baby cereal is the organically-grown stuff. Which I don’t have. So I may try this at some point, but things are a bit chaotic right now, so we’re sticking with Nestle for the moment.

Baby Boy seems to be over his cereal strike — well, not so much a strike as he seemed to stop liking it so I decided to stop making it. Darling Husband has gotten home just before bedtime in the last couple of nights, so he fed him cereal every night.

Cereal is just … I don’t know … it’s just such a boring food! I’m excited for the six-month mark so I can break out the blender and introduce some REAL food.

So what do you think?

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